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Smart refrigerator usage significantly lowers energy consumption


Delft, 10 May 2019 – consumers can save a lot of energy costs if they focus on lowering the power usage of their fridge. According to research by Homie Pay-Per-Use, the company that strives to make the white goods sector more sustainable.

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The washing machine eats socks: myth or not?


Once upon a time there was a big white device, mean and determined to devour your valuables. And not just your stuff, no, especially the stuff you need two of, namely your socks. Who does not know it, you are folding all your wonderfully smelling clean laundry and damn it, you are missing a sock! Do

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Washing, measuring and fitting.


How full should the washing machine's drum be? Normally we advise our customers to wash with a full drum. Because it is better to do a full wash once, than a half wash twice. You would think, that is logical, because running two washes costs twice the amount of water and energy. Yet the difference i

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Independent student living on your own? Washing at your parents is no longer an option!


Mature and independent, yes you are! You live on your own, you go to enough parties, you secretly eat in bed and you do your laundry nicely. At least from now on, because you really can't go towards your parents with dirty laundry anymore.

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Never to a launderette again!


Dutch people are economical do-it-yourselfers, even when it comes to laundry. Cramming your clothes in a laundry bag and dragging along the street towards a launderette sounds quite old-fashioned. Just like the interior of many laundromats, washing outside the door is a little bit of the 70s.

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Spring begins. A few tips to start the spring fresh.


Yes! We are leaving the cold winter behind us. It is time to usher in the spring. This also means it is time for spring cleaning.

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Homie, the company behind Pay-Per-Use white goods, is expanding towards Amsterdam.


Homie Pay-Per-Use, the innovative start-up that lets consumers pay per wash, is expanding. This February, the company welcomed Electronic Logistics as a new external supplier. As a result, the Homie washing machines are now also available to consumers in and around Amsterdam.

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Is it possible to influence the energy consumption of refrigerators? Homie does research.


Homie Pay-Per-Use, the innovative start-up that focusses on proposing, developing and testing new circular business models to reduce the environmental impact of white goods in households, starts a new study.

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Sustainable washing power: investment for spin-off HOMIE


Homie Pay-Per-Use, the innovative start-up company that lets consumers pay per wash, is expanding. Today, the company welcomed investor Nico Brabers on board as investor, while ABN AMRO joined as financing partner.

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RetailRookie of the Year 2018-2019: Homie Pay-per-use


Homie Pay-per-use wins RetailRookie of the Year 2018-2019 during the Retail & Brands Festival.

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Environmental benefits of pay-per-wash business model revealed


Nancy Bocken, co-founder of HOMIE, has demonstrated in practice that paying per wash results in the more economical use of washing machines.

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