RetailRookie of the Year

RetailRookie of the Year 2018-2019 -
Homie Pay-per-use

RetailTrends presents ten innovative concepts each year, which respond to new consumer needs. Of the ten different RetailRookies, Homie Pay-per-use has been chosen as RetailRookie of the Year 2018/2019. "If your washing machine is no longer needed, just return it."

On Thursday during the third edition of the Retail & Brands Festival Homie Pay-per-use has been declared RetailTrends RetailRookie of the Year 2018-2019. RetailTrends presents ten innovative concepts each year, which respond to consumer needs in new ways, pioneering with new business models and contributing to consumer expectations.

The fifth edition was compiled by the editors of RetailTrends in collaboration with guest chief editor, chief chocolate officer Henk Jan Beltman of Tony's Chocolonely. During the Retail & Brands Festival every RetailRookie had sixty seconds to convince the professional jury of their concept. The professional jury consisted of Debbie Klein from Leen Bakker, former Sissy-Boy CEO Victor van Nieuwenhuizen, Erwin Binneveld founder of Spar University, Margot Potman the sector director of retail from main sponsor ABN Amro and Nick Möller the chief editor of RetailTrends Media.

Homie, which has won from companies like Parfumado and Suittruck, scores well on aspects such as sustainability and scalability. They also respond to the trend of paying for consumption rather than possession. Consumers get a washing machine with tracker and they only pay for the washes they run. They will pay less if they was more efficiently.  "Homie focuses on sustainability in two different ways. First off all, they are working together with manufacturers to produce more sustainable products. Secondly, consumers are triggered to wash more sustainably ", explains Potman of ABN Amro.

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